May 16

Dear sports enthusiasts!

It’s coming again! Sports everywhere, as far as the eye can see, a foot can run, a hand can throw.

30 different sports events! On May 16, 2018, the only day of the year: The Rector’s Sports Day! It’s the day when sport takes over and becomes No.1 event at the university! The festive tradition of sports activities, which goes way beyond the usual physical education classes offered by the university’s individual faculties, and which uplifts the mind and spirit and brings for at least a short period of time peace and inner balance in the middle of our hectic fast-moving times. No virtual games, but real physical experience in the sports fields and facilities, an authentic competition in the spirit of fair-play.

Let’s go and play, meet with friends, perhaps even learn something new and meet new friends. May is a month of love in general, and a month of sport at the university.

This year’s Rector’s Sports Day is coordinated by the Faculty of Physical Education at the School of Law, and a majority of the faculties including their internal and external Physical Education instructors have also helped with both the program and the facilitation of the individual events. There is an opportunity to enjoy competing in both traditional and exotic sports (see the detailed list on this web, on the posters, or listen to presentations within the Physical Education classes taught at the respective departments and institutes).

The Sports Center of Charles University at Hostivař, Prague 10 will become again the hub for majority of the events, but also other fields and facilities around and even outside Prague will be utilized. All those interested, students, alumni, or university employees will certainly be able to find an event or sport of their choice as a wide spectrum of opportunities is available, from individual or collective sports to aquatics.

Individual digits of the year 2018 give the total of 11. Let these two 1’s symbolize a double success and a true enjoyment for all the participants at this year’s Rector’s Sports Day. To conform with the image at the header of this page, let the motto of the Rector’s Sports Day be “Through the sport to the skies!”

Welcome to the Rector’s Sports Day 2018!

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