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Host:                  Department of Physical Education of Faculty of Science CU

Organiser:         Mgr. Jan Schwarzer, e-mail:

Venue:               CU Sports Centre Hostivař – softball pitch

Meeting:            9:15 - 9:30 presentation

                            9:30 warm-up + explanation of rules

Description:      kanjam is a non-contact sport/game using a frisbee and two plastic

                           baskets placed 15 m apart. The game is played between two teams of

                           two players each and the object is to throw the frisbee from one

                           basket to the other. One player throws towards the other basket

                           where his team-mate is waiting and who can deflect the frisbee

                           into the basket. The winners are the first pair to reach 21 points.

Capacity:          max. 16 pairs (teams)

Open to:           CU students and employees

Entry:                until 8 May 2023 at:

Website:           http://www.kanjam.cz

Last change: April 4, 2023 14:36 
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